Testa Center in brief

In this 2500 m2 (27,000 sq. ft.) upstream / downstream facility, the technology offering from GE includes four start-to-finish bioprocessing laboratories, including bioreactors with working volumes up 500 liters for mammalian cell cultures (50 liters for bacterial) and chromatography equipment from lab to pilot-scale. Dedicated GE Healthcare staff provide hands-on operational support and expertise.

Moreover, the facility also allows educational institutions the chance to offer much-needed training in bioprocessing, thereby ensuring that Sweden maintains a skilled workforce in this key industrial sector.

    What we provide

  • Four industrial-standard bioprocessing laboratories up to pilot-scale (non-GMP) mainly based on single-use technologies
  • Faster, cost-efficient route for verifying processes and technologies
  • Funding and business support smooth the path to commercialization
  • Project owners retain full control of intellectual property and data
  • GE Healthcare staff provide operational support and expertise
  • Advanced training in bioprocessing for educational institutions
  • Owned and operated as a non-profit company by GE Healthcare in Uppsala


Verify inovation

Testa Center is a major initiative between the Swedish government and GE to secure the growth of the nation’s life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities in particular. This purpose-built, pilot-scale facility is open to national and international academic research groups, small business enterprises and major industry looking to verify their innovations in the best way possible.

Accelerate industrialization

All who use Testa Center’s exceptional facilities gain a more time and cost-effective way to reduce the risks of securing ‘industrial Proof-of-Concept’. Accelerating industrialization in this way is vital for later market introduction and sales. And since many patents have a deadline, shortening time-to-market means higher return-on-investment.

Secure exellence

Being able to verify and define optimized process parameters before transferring production to, for example, a CMO, reduces the risks associated with exposing critical business data to outside parties. You safeguard key company know-how and are less vulnerable to difficult-to-oversee external processes.


Lotta Ljungqvist

Dr. Lotta Ljungqvist, President & CEO of GE for the Nordic Region and CEO of Testa Center

Lotta Ljungqvist is President & CEO of GE for the Nordic Region responsible for GE’s overall growth in the region. Ljungqvist is also CEO of the Testa Center in Uppsala, a private public partnership to grow industrialization of BioProcess biology and technology innovation.
Dr. Ljungqvist serves on many Nordic GE boards and the board of Vinnova, Sweden Bio,AmCham Sweden and Atlas Antibodies AB. Dr Ljungqvist was Global Head of BioProcess R&D in GEHC Life Science during 2008-1016 responsible for development of new equipment and consumables for the BioPharma Industry. Prior to that, she was CEO of IMED AB, headed a Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organization in Biovitrum and held several project management positions with Pharmacia Corp & Pharmacia & Upjohn.

GE's "Meet the team" will tell you more.

Jesper Hedberg

PhD, Director Testa Center

Jesper has had the opportunity to dream, visualize and grow the purpose-built research facility Testa Center from scratch. At the facility – open to academia, SMEs and industries – Jesper leads operations and customer support onsite.
With a PhD from Karolinska Institute, Jesper began his career path as a specialist in protein chemistry, joining GE in 2002. During 2007-2012 Jesper worked as project leader and team leader at AstraZeneca, Södertälje. In 2012 he joined GE Healthcare R&D as section manager for a group responsible for bioreactor processes, product development, and market support. Jesper has been a part of the Testa Center project from the start in 2016 through to the inauguration in August 2018.

GE's "Meet the team" will tell you more.

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