Biological Production

Testa Center offer a state-of-the art research infrastructure for verification and up-scaling purposes of biological production processes. Open for academic groups, start-ups and large companies, Testa Center offers an authentic industrial bio-process facility for verification of technical and biological projects.

We welcome companies and educational institutions to arrange courses at the center, in order to ensure that Sweden has access to relevant expertise in the future.

Testa Center is:

  • Do-it-yourself research facility for biological production, extraction and purification purposes.
  • Facility for advanced courses / training for production of biological products – open to all Swedish higher education institutions.
  • Non profit private-public partnership.
  • Results and IP ownership retained by project  (no strings attached to GE).

You gain access to:

  • State-of-the art industrial equipment at large scale. Four parallel industrial labs (non-GMP) up to pilot scale, primarily based on single-use technology.
  • Access to bio-process expertise – dedicated GE staff available for support.
  • Stepping stone to industrialization – easy access to innovation and commercialization support.
  • Grow your network – cross discipline collaborations and business opportunities.

You achieve:

#Accelerate industrialization

  • Reduce risks early in your process development phase of bio-pharmaceuticals or biology products.
  • Cost effective – develop, test, verify and set production parameters before investing in own equipment or outsource production to another party.
  • Applications/projects are reviewed by leading industry representatives/KOL’s – get a second opinion/evaluation.

#Verify Innovation

  • Verify your innovation in an industrial bio-process setting.
  • Large untapped market potential – technology providers can reach new market segment Pharma/Bio-process production.

#Secure excellence

  • Reach a new educational level in bio-processing.
  • Secure company assets in production processes/method– a long-term business strategy.
  • Make academic workflows more effective – Use industry-standard instrumentation not available to research groups.
  • Secure national long-time competence provision within the field of bio-processing.

Testa center is equipped with industrial-standard equipment for culturing, extraction and downstream processing for both mammalian and bacterial cultures. Testa Center has four parallel non-GMP industrial labs up to pilot scale, primarily based on single-use technology. The facility is also equipped with buffer- and media preparation facilities, as well as analysis lab for in-line process analysis.

For a updated and complete instrument & equipment list of Testa Center, please contact us!